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     Gua Batu Maloi (Batu Maloi Cave) Exploration

We organise day tour to Gua Batu Maloi. You just need to fix the date with us and make deposit payment and it is CONFIRM !

















Gua Batu Maloi Exploration Day Trip


Rough itinerary

8:00am- pick up from Hotel In Kuala Lumpur

10:00am- Safety briefing and start the Adventure

12:30pm - Finish and back to parking area, washing and clean up.

1:00pm - Lunch

2:00pm- Depart to Kuala Lumpur

4:00pm - reaching Kuala Lumpur hotel. end.

Rate:RM280/Person (minimum 2 person)

Include: Transfer, Park fees, simple lunch and Experience cave Guide

Not include: Breakfast and personnel expenses.

Item to bring: Headlight/torchlight, changing clot, good pair of walking shoe, and a dry towel and don't forget your sense of adventure!


1) How long it take from kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya/Klang to the meeting point?
>> Driving is about 1.5-2 hrs toward south near Negeri Sembilan and Melaka border (TAMPIN).. Usually we will meet at  TAMPIN TOLL(Alor Gajah/Simpang Ampat) exit. Yes, drive along the PLUS highway toward south(JB). usually meet at about 8:30 - 9:00am and please have your breakfast before we meet, else we can breakfast somewhere nearby, please let us know earlier.
If you are coming from Singapore/Johor Bahru, we can meet you at Tampin Toll plaza at 9:00am.From Singapore, it will take about 3-4hrs.

2) We need to drive our own? - This Is for Self Drive Tour
>> Yes, you have to drive your own vehicle, however if you need transport, we can arrange van(7-13 seated) for RM550-RM700 (advanced booking and payment is needed).

3) Item to bring and wear
>> Headlight/torchlight, changing clot, good pair of shoe (you can purchase those rubber shoe, the Kampung Adidas if you know what we are talking about. Most of the old type of shoe shop do sell it), and a dry towel.

4) Do you have a place that we can change clot?
>> YES, Wear your ready clot for the caving before arrival, and we will provide a place for you to change, there is a river beside, you can clean there. Hope you will use environment friendly soap in the river .

5) How long does it take in the cave?
>> There are many path/cave passage inside Gua Batu Maloi, there have easy and tough one. Before entering cave, you need to trek a forest trail for about 15 minutes, leech are usually not found during dry season However.. sometime wet season can find some of them.. however, it's not usually inside the cave :). It will take about 2-4 hrs to complete this cave activity.. however, it's depends on your group fitness! it can be longer or less.

6) Is that dangerous if we/me are not a swimmer ?
>> You do not need to be swimmer.. just need to be present and enjoy the challenge, Not recommended to children 12 years and below. If your body high is short like 12 years old..dont worry.. you are still welcome to join, we are just pointing to those person that understand our instruction and language, yes English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay !

7) Do we need to bring day bag inside the cave?
>> Yes, you can.. but it gonna be wet all day long (also heavy with water fill-in). As if you need to drink water, just bring a small bottle of 500ml (Or less) and share the bag with your gang, you may bring little bit of snack too!

8) Can we bring camera/video recorder?
>> arr...YES and NO, this is a wet cave (Very wet or you can call it water tunnel), if you have a waterproof camera then it's most welcome, if it's not a waterproof one, please warranty yourself (may be you can consider to have a dry bag with it).. we are not responsible.

9) What is the recommended group size that you take?
>> 8-15 people is idea, 20-30 is possible, but it will take longer time.

10) how to register ? also, with 10 days advanced full payment.
>> We need your details below,
Full Name:
IC number:
Home Address:
Phone number:
Email (if you have one):
Next Of kin and contacts:











































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